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After School Day Camp
for Lakewood School District

Looking for something fun to do afterschool? Need something exciting to do on those school days off?
Join Camp Fire’s After School Day Camp!

Camp Fire's After School Day Camp is a program for K-5th graders.
After School Day Camp is held at English Crossing Elementary every day after school: 3pm-6pm. If you go to Cougar Creek, you will take a bus over to join us. If you’re coming from Lakewood Elementary, we will meet you and walk you down.

Each day after school you will get a delicious, nutritious snack, play outside, tackle your homework or do some reading, and participate in various activities. Our caring staff lead activities that focus on learning to make healthy lifestyle choices, developing friendships, and working together. 

When you don’t have school, you will get to come to Camp Fire’s Camp Killoqua! This includes half days, school days off, teacher in-service days, and spring break! At camp you will get to explore, go boating, play camp games, sit around camp fires, and sing camp songs. It’s a great taste of summer camp all wrapped into one fantastic day! All of these days at camp are included in your After School Day Camp registration.

The monthly program fee is only $265!

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For scholarship information please call 425-258-KIDS

After School Registration
To register, please complete these steps:
1. Complete and sign the registration form
Discount: The first child pays full fee; all other children to register receive a 5% discount
3. Military Discount:
10% discount for active, reserve, or national guard families.
4. Please read and sign the Parent Handbook

A health history form, and a list of what to bring will be emailed to you at the time of registration.



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